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Given the complexity of business today, we are still managing to compete and rank on the top of the best consultants. Thatís why itís so important to examine opportunities and challenges from every angle ó accounting, assurance and advisory, risk, tax, strategy, financial, technology and human capital ó and thatís just what we help clients do.

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During the lifetime of an individual tax payer, partnership or other business, it is quite likely that there will be some form of enquiry made by either the Inland Revenue or Customs and Excise. Enquiries or investigations of this type are very often selected on a random basis. An investigation of this type can be extremely stressful for our clients, which is why we take away from them all of their worries and concerns in this regard. As always fees for investigation services are agreed from outset, and we have many years experience in dealing with the Inland Revenue and Customs and Excise. We will completely remove the strain of these enquiry matters and approach these issues on very hands on manner. The results achieved when assisting clients in investigations speaks for itself.

Services rendered

BOOKKEEPING SERVICES:Outsource your bookkeeping and accounting services to us, and concentrate on making your business a success. T&T Consultants provides a service of keeping accurate and concise accounting records for individuals and small to medium businesses
TAX:We have developed a unique virtual system that makes it quick and easy to file your taxes and we utilize the most secure methods in transmitting your private information.
ESTATE PLANNING & PROPERTY SYNDICATION:Property syndication is a very valuable and efficient tool and one which the directors and senior consultants of the business employ in the investments of their own pension schemes.
COMPANY SECRETARY:The majority of jurisdictions require a new company to appoint a company secretary. Depending on the jurisdiction, that company secretary may be an individual or body corporate.
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